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The following testimonials have been given to Master Kim over the years by many of his patients. Master Kim has helped these individuals as well as many others and has helped with the ailments listed as well as many more. He has been performing healing for much of his life.

Master Kim's nature is one of Universal Love and he believes in complete honesty. He has verified the testamony of each person listed here and would not publically make them available if they were not true to the word.

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So What is This About?

October 19, 2005

After having a lumpectomy, I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer last October 2004. My first thought after the devastating phone call was "I'll go see Master Kim... I know he can help me".

I immediately drove to Master Kim and told him everything. He calmed me down and counseled me. I received my first healing treatment that day.

While having chemotherapy treatments, I also saw Master Kim three times a week. Each time he gave me healing treatments, I could feel heat and tugging where the breast cancer was. After my first chemo treatment, my breast was hurting. Master Kim have me another healing treatment. That night, the scar where I had the lumpectomy opened up and green fluid drained out of it.

Master Kim's treatments were more intense after each one. I could feel extreme heat and tugging.....I imagined (as Master Kim was performing the healing) that the cancer was being "tugged" out. He also helped me with my nausea.

After completing my chemo treatments, I had a partial mastectomy and auxiliary dissection (removal of lymph nodes) on May 26, 2005. I was very nervous, but Master Kim said "Don't worry....the cancer is gone." I had to wait over a week to get the test results from the operation. When I went to the surgeon's office, his assistant handed me my report and said that the doctor said that I got the best possible results that could come back. No evidence of cancer was found. Master Kim was right.

I had a follow-up appointment with my oncologist. He said I was one lucky woman. Because I had the lymph nodes, removed, my oncologist said that I not have the use of my left arm, which at this point, was completely numb. I couldn't not lift my left arm even mid-way up.

Later that day, I went to Master Kim and told him what the doctor had said. "No way", said Master Kim. He did his magic healing on my left arm and said "now try to lift it". I lifted it over my head and the numbness was gone.

As far as I'm concerned, my recovery is miraculous and I truly believe it is because of Master Kim's treatments. He is a kind, caring man and knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone.

Thank God for Master Kim

K. Barrona

May 20, 2006
I have had the fortune of recieving healing treatments from B. Yong Kim. I suffer from the condition Fibromyalgia which causes symptoms of painful muscles throughout the body and sleep deprivation. One of the more common complaints experienced by people with Fibromyalgia is interstitial cystitis. This is a condition which causes spasm of the bladder, pain and urinary urgency. When the symptoms first started, I thought I had a bladder infection. I was given emergency antibiotics because we were leaving the next morning for a vacation. The medication did not make me better, and I had a secon visit to an urgent care center in Ashville, NC. When I got back, I saw my family doctor. He broke the news to me that I was suffering with interstitial cystitis and that I would need to be on a drug called Detrol, more than likely, for the rest of my life. He said he had not experienced someone with the complaint getting better once the symptioms were present. My mother suggested I see B. Yong Kim and I made an appointment. Dr. Kim made a ring of coper wire and taped it to my navel. He held his hands over my abdominal area and told me that this was a problem that he could correct. I could feel a very warm heat coming from his hands, although they were placed no closer than four or five inches away from me. After a few moments I felt the organs in my abdoment shift, and a feeling of relief came over me. This was over five years ago. I have never experienced a problem since.

B. Yong Kim has also treated me for the painful effects of Fibromyalgia. I have received treatments with him and have also drank the tea that he has prepared for me. I am much better as a result of his treatments with better energy, improved sleep, and I usually only experience debilitating pain now when I do too much an cause a flare-up of symptoms.
G Rybicki

April 10, 2006
...On March 24, I was in an auto accident and was lucky to walk away. I saw a chiropractor 3 times a week for 6 months with no success. Then, I was invited by Master Kim to his therapeutic form of medicine and immediately loosened up exactly where the injuries occurred the most. I've had only 4 visits with him and already I have lost the tightness in the neck and upper back. Over 70 visits to the chiropractor has not accomplished what Master Kim has done in two visits.
F DeMetz

January 17, 2007
Around 1997, I started using drugs. As the years went by my body deteriorated, due to two car accidents and developed back pain. I went to a well known doctor, took multiple MRI's and ended up having a herniated disk. The only treatment was prescribed pain pills. During my 4th time in the ICU due to overdoses and being in a coma, I realized I wasn't living well. I checked into a rehab, and during my stay I was given Master Kim's phone number. As soon as I left I called and after only two visit my life has changed completely. My head is clearer, my shaking has been greatly reduced and my back pain is completely gone. Self soothing tips have been great with my other prayers and meditations.
Silas Opdahl

December 13, 2005
Grand Master Kim has helped me in many aspects of my life including helping my seven year old son become more confident in himself. About four years ago, I developed carpal tunnel in bold wrists. I have gone to therapy, and had the cortisone injections and many other procedures and finally had the surgery in my right wrist. Before I had the surgery, I had the energy healing with Master Kim and it helped me with sleeping through the night due to the pain and numbness that my wrist incurred. When I finally had the surgery, Master Kim still kept working with me and within weeks I started noticing strength and less pain associated with surgery, even the scar was actually gone. The therapist and the Dr. were very surprised at my fast recovery.

Another problem Master Kim is currently helping me with is a nerve in my spine that was damaged from an epidural injection. I have had seven years of constant pain in my mid back. The pain is so severe at times that not even pain killers helped alleviate the pain. In just a few weeks of Master Kim's energy healing, the pain has not been as intense as it had been

I am so grateful and thankful to Master Kim for continuing to help me and my son live a healthier way of life.
C. Anaya

November 2007
On November 2007, my 15 year old son fell from his BMX bicycle breaking his collar bone. When we got to the ER I called Master Kim and requested that he send healing to my son. Immediately Michael began to feel the pain leave his body. The x-ray showed a bad break so the doctor recommended a bone doctor. The specialist said he might have surgery. I called Master Kim again and he told me not to worry. Three weeks later I took Michael back to the doctor and he was surprised to see Michael's bone back into place and have it be healing nicely. Michael healed ahead of schedule and his last appointment was cancelled. Please do not hesitate to call on Master Kim for any ailment you might have.
M. Burdine

November 25, 2007
One week ago I injured my left lower calf muscle with a severe strain. The leg swelled and internal bleeding occurred, with bruising down to my ankle. Today, November 21st, one half hour before my martial arts class, my leg was stiff and painful when walking.

I came to class and Master Kim applied his hands-on healing technique to my leg. The first sensation is warm, sharp pain, tingling into my feet, and then warm again. After five minutes, I could walk without a limp and the stiffness, swelling, and pain were gone. I completed the class without difficulty.

Most important, for the past week, each day I woke up and got dressed, I had sharp pain in my leg, resulting in a temporary limp. I concluded the blood filled up my leg in the standing position and caused pain. Today, however, was the first time I got up without any pain and could walk with no problem. I could go up and down my stairs and worked out at the gym for the first time without any leg pain or limp. I felt Master Kim's treatment the night before gave me the continued relief.
J. Baumann, TaeKwondo Student

October 19, 2005
Two weeks of nothing but pain and soft food due to having my wisdom teeth pulled, Master Kim placed his hand next to my injured jaw. Within seconds I could feel warmth and a tingling in the area, and within a minute or two of this, I felt all of the pain melt away. It has been a week now, and the pain has not returned. I couldn't be happier.

October 21, 2005
I had a sprain in my finger two months ago. The pain was so severe and swollen. I got a two time treatment from Master Kim, and after that the pain was gone. Thanks
Dr. V Han, Lac, OMD, PhD




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