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The Road to Enlightenment

The following testimonials have been given to Master Kim over the years by many of his patients. Master Kim has helped these individuals as well as many others and has helped with the ailments listed as well as many more. He has been performing healing for much of his life.

Master Kim's nature is one of Universal Love and he believes in complete honesty. He has verified the testamony of each person listed here and would not publically make them available if they were not true to the word.

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So What is This About?

February 11, 2008

Lats October, I sustained an injury to my right upper side, resulting in immediate pain. Doctors took x-rays and confirmed a cracked rib. I could not participate in the martial arts class, and told Master Kim what happened. After 4 treatments of therapeutic healing by Master Kim, I has back in training in two weeks, with not pain.

About a month later, I pulled a calf muscle in my right leg, and unable to walk without a limp. My leg was swollen and painful. Master Kim treated my leg with therapeutic healing, and the next day I would walk without pain. I continued training slowly and gradually got back to full capacity in martial arts.
J Baumann

November 1, 2007

I had a most interesting experience last week. I had been sick all week, and finally went to the doctor to see if he could figure out what was wrong. I had a terrible pain in my right side, felt very weak, and nauseated, and was running a fever off and on.

After the doctor examined me, he said it was most probably Gall Bladder disease in the final stages. He said he could feel a swelling on the right side, and was quite concerned. He gave me some pain killers until the ultrasound could confirm what was going on. He gave me the name of a surgeon, because he was going out to town and I would probably require surgery as soon as possible.

On my way home, I called Master Kim, and asked if you would send me healing energy. Immediately I began feeling better. By the time I got back to my house, I could stand up straight instead of bending over in pain. The next day I felt completely healed! I had the ultrasound two days later, and they found nothing wrong.

Once again I must thank you, and thank you for your most skilled healing. Your ability to heal is truly amazing.
M. Burdine

October 4, 2005

Hi, my name is B. Jacob, and I'm going to tell you how Master Kim fixed my finger. I am fifteen years old, in ninth grade, a 3 degree brown belt at Master Kim's Tae Kwon Do studio, and have been attending for almost six years.

My incident with my finger happened at school. When I was wrestling with another guy, he pushed me to the ground, and I landed on my finger. After that it started to hurt a lot. I said to myself it will go away, but the pain just got worse. I couldn't make a fist anymore.

When I went to Master Kim, he immediately noticed my finger, and asked what had happened. I told him what happened to my finger. We went to his office and within five minutes he healed my finger with the amazing power in his palm. I was able to make a fist again. The experience was a miracle.

Master Kim has been healing injuries from time to time. He healed my brother's ankle when he fell off the stairs. Master Kim does what he does for the benefit for the person who is injured or sick. To get a healing fro Master Kim is the best medicine you can get. Thank you for reading this information.

B Jacob

October 14, 2005

My name is J. French and I am 12 years old. I have been coming to Taekwondo with Grand Master Kim since I was six years old. Over the years I have been healed by Master Kim at least four times. Once I sprained my neck really bad. I couldn't move it at all, I came to master Kim and he healed me with his hands in his office. A few minutes later I was fine and I stayed for the class with no pain. A second time was when I had fractured my ankle. It had healed but began to hurt a lot. I was limping and complaining about how hard it was to walk. My parents took me to the doctor who told me I couldn't swim, run or do any physical activity for six months. I came to tell master Kim that I was not going to come to TaeKwondo for a while. It was hard to even walk to the door. Master Kim brought me into his office and after several minutes my ankle no longer hurt. My mom couldn't believe it until she saw me walking around with not pain. It still feels fine. The third time was when I has a planter's wart. I had been to the doctor four different times and they just kept giving me medicine that didn't seem to work. I told Master Kim about my problem and he put wire on my finger. The wart went away within a couple of weeks. The last time I went to see Master Kim was about my asthma. I was coughing and coughing and using an inhaler with different medications. I saw an allergy doctor who gave me tests and more medication. Master Kim just put his hands over my right and left shoulder blades and did some other things. Now I am not coughing or using any medication. I feel great.

Now if I have a problem I will see Master Kim first. He is a great healer and I trust him My mom says she believes 100% in his abilities to heal.
J. French

October, 2005

In June 2002, my wife Sue hurt her back unpacking boxes. A short time later she went to the doctor and discovered that she had a herniated disc in her lower back and a pinched nerve. She was told that therapy was not an option because it could cause more damage. Surgery was scheduled and at the last minute she decided against it due to the rusks of surgery. Since then she has lived with the pain, all day, every day.

In October of 2005, we signed out two sons up for the Tawkwondo with Master Kim. On our second visit to the school, Master Kim asked us if we had any back or knee pain. At first we told him no, but after I admitted to knee pain, due to work related injuries, he asked us into his office. At this time he completely took all pain away. The next thing you know, my wife was sitting down and he was taking care of her. After that one visit my wife has had no back pain. For the first time in over three years, she has not back pain, still to this date. Master Kim is truly amazing and we appreciate all that he has done to improve our lives. If anyone has any doubts or questions they are free to call anytime.
J & S Coberly

January 16, 2008

Master Kim helped me with an ear infection during a time that I was certifying for scuba diving. When it came time to dive under deep water (10 feet) my ear began hurting with an excruciating pain. I was unable to complete that day's diving. My ear continued to hurt.

My mother took me to Master Kim for healing that same day. The next morning I was able to complete a long diving trip, going down to 45 ft with no pain!

I want to say thank you to Master Kim and to tell people by this testimony that he is an amazing man and he really has an extraordinary gift.
M.D. Burdine


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