testimonials continued... Nov, 2007

My name is Anthony C. and my son attends Master Kim's karate class every Mon, Wed, Friday. For the past couple of years, I have had a lot of troubles sleeping; tossing and turning, getting up several times a night and plain restless. My body is always sore due to weight training. My body also gets very sore from sitting in a chair everyday for 10-12 hours a day at work. After a 10-12 hour day at work I would come home just really tired and fatigued from getting up early and working all day long. Just did not feel like doing much even though i would love to wrestle with my two sons, just did not have the necessary energy.

One day I was sitting in on one of Anthony Jr.'s classes and Master Kim realized the burnt out look on my face and asked me to step into his office. Master Kim told me to sit and relax as much as possible. After I sat down he placed his hand above my head and told me that it would start to get warm and tingly throughout my body. At first, I was like "yeah right." But let me tell you it was almost magical, as soon as the doubt entered my mind I started feeling warm and tingly!! It was an amazing feeling, like a breathe of fresh air. It was great! Master Kim definitely has a give and uses it very well.

Before I left his office I got me a Sun Energy Medallion and wear it everyday. My restless nights are gone and my body feels a lot better by the day. My energy level has boosted an was finally able to get back to the gym. Definitely recommend getting one of those Medallions, its amazing!

Anthony C.., CA
June 19, 2007

My name is Cecilia H. I have known Master Kim for almost 4 years now. Every now and then he would ask me how things are going. He understood that as a single parent of two boys with a full time job, things could get hectic and stressful at times. I've also had trouble sleeping. On May 19th, I started wearing the pendant that he gave me. After a few days, I've noticed that I don't feel as stressed out as I used to be. Things that would normally upset me just didn't seem to matter too much anymore. I still had trouble sleeping though. Master Kim then told me to put aluminum foil under my bed. Somehow this se4emed to help. I now only wake up once or twice a night instead of almost every hour. I would like to thank Master Kim for all his help.

Cecilia H.., CA
April 12, 2007

I received Master Ki'm healing medal in late December 2006. Sinc ethen I have worn it and recived many miracles from it.

Generally speaking, my energy level is about 25% better when I wear the medal vs. not wearing it. Concentration is also better, along with a sense of well being.

During the flu season, I placed the medal on a man with a severe cough, and almost immediately he was better.

I fell off of a bench last month and received a bad sprain to my foot. As soon as I put the medal on, my foot felt better, and by morning most of the swelling was gone.

My oldest son was misbehaving in school. I requested that he wear his medal everyday. His behavior improved from the first day.

One night last week, I had a very bad stomach ache. As soon as I put the medal on I felt better.

My list of positive personal experiences with the medal goes on and on. I highly recommend the medal for itts variety of healing powers, and thank Master Kim for his efforts in the material manifestation of this healing medal from his vision.


M. J., CA
February 2, 2007

A couple of weeks ago our son James cam home with one of your pendants. He said the pendant gave him more endurance. His father and I laughed and said "whatever works". james kept insisting the pendant was helping him and insisted that I try it. For the last 7 years I had not slept well and was up most of the night. I would wake up just as tired as the night before. One night James pu the pendant around my neck and insisted that I sleep with it. Well, I had the best night's sleep I have had in years. The next morning it was I who insisted that James as you for another pendant. I did not want to give his back, and we started sharing it. James used it during the day and I used it at night. Since receiving my own pendant, I have been sleeping like a rock and waking up refreshed. I dont' understand it, but I guess I don't need to. It just works.

I am now wearing your pendant 24 hours a day. I have more energy that I have ever had before. I used to come home from work and plop down on the couch exhausted. Now I go to the gym five days a week and walk on the weekend. I feel better and all my minor aches and pains have disappeared.

Thre years ago I broke my ankle and it had been aching ever since. Even that ache has gone away. I feel less stress, which of course puts me in a better modd, so my family is benefitting as well.

Both James and I would like to thank you for all you have done - for us and for others. Your pendant is amazing!

Joy F., CA

Nov 28, 2007

Dear Master Kim (& the many passer-by's whom will read this letter),

First please understand while you read this letter, that I am a mother of an Autistic child, this will help you keep in mind the miracle and beauty of the way our "body-mind" actually can overcome obstacles of everyday life and even medical conditions, and the wonderful opportunity that Master Kim has given my son along with his deep love for his many gifts and his genuine compassion for ALL his students. I want to thank him and his staff of all ages and gender for being kind and patient with my son, Ethan.

Ethan has learned the connection between his mind and body, most importantly how they work as a team, as one unit. Before Mast Kim's class, Ethan had lots of difficulty attending other programs for children, such as private gyms for kids and other local activities. now he has learned to follow directions, have respect for his teacher and seeing that a teacher can appear in many forms, ages and gender; one day a woman, another a boy, next day the teacher could be a man. But to know that he recognizes and respects that he is the student in progress and willing to learn. he has learned to self-regulate and work at training while in Master Kim's class rather than view it as a "playground" without structure. Although, Ethan still brings his light fun personality to his class mates and peers, he now understands when it is time to listen and follow through. This has always been a major problem for Ethan even in school. He now knows at least 26 stances of Tae Kwon Do and knows them in correct order. he has grown and matured a lot since we first started Tae Kwon Do. For this I am very thankful, that his social skills are continued in an environment that I can trust and feel safe upon my leaving him for 45 minutes several days a week, and return to pick him up knowing that he is learning more than just what meets the eye. Before I had to stay at the local programs with him for the last 2 years, I could not leave, because he was unable to connect with the teachers/coaches and when I would leave, I would return to my son having a "meltdown", which is very common for children with Autism disorders. Not once had Ethan ever had a "meltdown" since he has started Tae Kwon Do with Master Kim. I hope to watch my son grow into a man who masters such an art one day, with Master Kim still his mentor/teacher.

And if any of you have a chance to acquire one of Master Kim's blessed medallions, which he and his students and several parents wear (including my family), I would recommend you get one. It represents more than just a necklace to my family. The amazing source of energy focal point it provides is astonishing. Our many experiences are as follows:

Ethan: On days he wears it to school, I get reports of his behavior being less hyperactive and aggressive, more focused in class and paying more attention to detail in his work and classmates. He exhibits much more self-restraint rather than being overly impulsive to act and think later. He is enrolled at a local public school in a special needs program where lots of kids have Autism and behavioral disorders. Overall he shows balance and increased self-esteem in himself.

My fiance/myself/Ethan: We had a house guest, old friend from Florida come to visit. We decided to go camping and dirt bike riding. My fiance, myself and Ethan had our medallions on, I prayed for safety that day, as always, over us all. There were at least a dozen friends and family with us for the trip. A few people made fun of the three of us wearing the necklaces. But I was quick to tell them "it's a symbol of Universal Love". Well, the first day in the desert several people went out on a "ride" away from camp. There were two accidents involving my fiance and our house guest. My fiance only suffered scratches and was okay. An hour later our house guest had an accident and suffered two broken bones in his lower leg and was air lifted to the nearest hospital in Valencia, where he had 6hrs of surgery to place steel pins in his leg and ankle. He spent over a week in the hospital and returned home upon checking out of the hospital.

Myself: I wear the medallion several times a week (rarely take it off) under my shirt to work. I find that I feel a sense of clarity and centered to do the best job I can as a therapist. But the most obvious moments of what I feel when wearing it just this week I had a relapse of a cold from a month ago. If I get a cold it usually settles in my lungs and quickly progresses to bronchitis or worse. This morning I woke up with my lungs burning, it hurt, my throat felt like it was on fire and my head stuffed up. I felt low of energy and knew I had a big day of being a mommy and then off to work. I decided to rest before my day started. I took the medallion and placed it on my chest on my sternum. I began to feel a deep warming sensation moving through my chest cavity all the way to my throat and then to my abdomen. I felt my breathing deepen with each breath intake and exhale. For days my breathing was shallow from the congestion in my lungs. My chest muscles began to relax from the strenuous coughing. I though if that worked, why not put it on my sinus points too! I placed it between my eyebrows on my forehead (acupressure point & believed to be called the "third eye" in some beliefs)... wha la!! It worked and I had to quickly grab tissues as my sinuses released. For those of you into alternative healing or believe in the power of meditation, I would like to share with you, that during the experience I saw brilliant illuminating healing colors of green, pink, violet and shades of blue. I got up and felt like I had slept for two days and now have the energy to get through my day if I use it wisely.

THANK YOU Master Kim, you have been a blessing in our house in many ways.

Love & Light,
Stacy S., CA